Wong Ka Man Millison


WONG Ka Man, Millison is conscious of the social dynamics, especially the relationship between humanity and the surroundings through daily observation. Her dedication to craft emphasises the characteristics of human nature. Her works are often in metal from small objects to large sculptures, depending on the subject matter and the functionality that correspond to her ideology. Metal is sensitive to the environment, like humans do. In her artworks, the use of metal builds a sensible connection between humans and the objects she made.


Normal Abnormality


Acrylic, Arduino kit, brass, bronze, hand sanitiser, plastic tube

丙烯酸塑料 、 Arduino 套件 、 黃銅 、 青銅 、 酒精搓手液 、 膠管

Size variable 尺寸不定

在這兩年間 , 新型冠狀病毒持續蔓延,, 為了控制疫情 ,政府推出一系列的防疫措施 ,例如保持適當的社交距離 ,這些措施已成為我們生活的一部分,成為生活習慣 ,但也卻成為我們的限制 。

這一系列作品以香港政府實行的防疫措施為題材,呈現在 「新常態」 下 「潛移默化」 的社會面貌 , 帶出人與人之間的距離在不知不覺間變遠 。

The pandemic of coronavirus disease 2019 has been severely infectious around the world. To avoid the dissemination of viruses, regulations like social distancing have been implemented that changed our lifestyle as well as restricted our daily routine in these two years.

Inspired by the anti-epidemic measures and practices in Hong Kong, the series of works constructs a spatiality with “new daily” objects that echoes what we experience and adapt to nowadays. Imperceptibly, we live out the “normal abnormality” of distancing ourselves from others physically, psychologically, and practically.