Wong Kit Kwan


WONG Kit Kwan, Kelvin's latest practice is related to the process of 'practising'  itself; He values the physical execution and the perceptual experience in art-making.

In recent years, WONG was influenced by the helplessness in life and politics. He started to use a more down-to-earth approach, searching for changes and potential in daily objects in order to rethink the relationship between observation and representation in his painting.

黃杰堃近年的創作與「創作」這個行為有關,他重視藝術家創作過程以及其知覺經驗 。


Painting, Painting and Painting


Mixed media on canvas, video installation


Size variable 尺寸不定



I started seeking a more direct, immediate painting experience after 2019;

Using photo references and pure imagination are no longer of interest to me. I strive to clarify the relationship between observation and representation through experiences including rugging and plein air painting.