Wong Sze Na


WONG Sze Na, focuses on acrylic, oil pastel painting, charcoal drawing and abstract expressionism art. She believes ‘life is creation, creation is life’. Based on this thought, most of her artwork stems from her life experiences. She explores the relationship between individuals, group, and society by mundane objects and aims to arouse the audience's resonance and attention to the local issues and the community.


No Way Out: Now and Then


Wire, flower


Size variable 尺寸不定



‘Here, we have nowhere to escape; here, the past life no longer exists. The vase is a vessel and holds life, yet it is useless with its porosity and weak structure. The vessels lack water, so the flowers gradually wither and die. There is not nourishment or space for flourishing. Is this how it all ends?’

‍_No Way Out: Now and Then_ reproduces and records the current status of the living situation: helplessness, oppression and perplexed restlessness.