WONG Wan Ying


WONG Wan Ying (b.1998, Hong Kong) received a BA in Visual Arts from Hong Kong Baptist University in 2021.

Her works mainly focus on the association between reality and imagination. She usually magnifies and abstracts the inconspicuous details in daily life as her creative method. By observing different tiny objects and using monochrome paintings and installations, her works try to display and explore the possibilities of materials.

王韻熒 (b.1998) 於2021年獲得香港浸會大學的視覺藝術學士學位。




Charcoal, charcoal pencil, colour pencil, graphite pencil on wood board, stones collected on street , grinded pencils

炭枝、炭鉛筆、木顏色筆、素描筆、木板、 在街上撿拾的石頭、鉛筆、炭枝粉末

Set of 2: 122 × 244cm, 122 × 244 × 7 cm

那天, 所有獨一無二並堅固的石頭塗上黑色。 為了裝作軟弱,卻暴露在光明之中。


That day,all the unique, strong stones are applied with black.They pretended to be weak, but exposed under the lights.

However,every black we see is only shades of grey.