WONG Wing Lee


WONG Wing Lee, Winnie considers art as a daily habit. She believes that every illustration has magic power and uses fantasy tales as a means to influence people’s lives.

Winnie’s works are mainly in ink, fine liner and watercolour. She focuses on different types of folkloristic tales, myths, and comics to describe the beauty of fantastic and imaginary worlds. Winnie’s illustrations describe feelings and highlight mysteries. They are a metaphor for reality.



Codex Giruescolla


Fineliners and ink pen


17.6 × 25 cm

「優雅,智慧和純正純潔為女校的特質。」 這句話概括了一個通常被傳統價值觀接受的誤解。如同神話一樣,使人們長期產生誤解。《吉魯埃斯科拉寫本》通過神話和戲劇性的想法,通過黃詠莉在女校就讀的經歷,顛覆了這種普遍的看法。

‘Elegance, intelligence and purity are characteristics of girls’ schools.’ This sentence encapsulates a common misconception generally accepted by traditional values. As myths, misconceptions are created over long periods of time. Codex Giruescolladebunks this widespread perception by investigating the experience of WONG Wing Lee in girls’ schools through myth and dramatic ideas.