WU Qianxi


Cindy WU is passionate about graphic design, interactive design and illustration. She believes that art comes from life and art should give back to life. Her inspiration mainly comes from her experiences, observation of society and minority groups. She wants to use design to help people solve their problems.

Cindy enjoys experimenting with different mediums in her artworks and she is passionate about finding creative ways to solve problems. She cares about the communication and interaction between her works and the audience. She believes that emotions and feelings conveyed through her works are more powerful than words. Therefore, she does not only use art to express herself, but she also wants to make people's lives better through art.



Making Sense of Dyslexia


Interactive installation, illustration book


Set of 2: size variable 尺寸不定

即使非常努力學習,閱讀障礙者的成績仍明顯落後於同齡人,還被貼上 「笨」和「懶惰」的標籤,讓他們感到自卑和無助。為了引起人們對閱讀障礙症的重視,《理解·閱讀障礙》邀請觀眾通過交互裝置感受閱讀障礙者眼中的扭曲文字,文字的效果會因觀眾的動作而改變。宣傳手冊結合插畫介紹了閱讀障礙症,希望通過手冊可以讓更多人了解閱讀障礙,讓患者得到更多理解與支持。

Although children with dyslexia study very hard, their grades are significantly behind their peers and they are labeled as ‘stupid’ and ‘lazy’ ,which makes them feel inferior and helpless. To raise awareness of dyslexia, Making Sense of Dyslexia invites the audience to experience the distorted and dancing words in the eyes of a dyslexic person through an interactive installation, where the words on the screen will be changed according to the feedback of the audience's movement. The book with illustrations introduces information about dyslexia and calls on society to give more support and understanding to dyslexic people.