YEUNG Yin Ting


YEUNG Yin Ting, Tina (b.1998), a Hong Kong emerging new media artist who works in image-based mediums such as photography, 3D modelling and videography. Her experimental multi-media methods can be understood through previous works in performance and videography such as Scan On Scars (2017); programming and videography in Pandora’s Traps (2018).

YEUNG is interested in exploring the relationship between digital technology and images. She is fascinated by using 3D scanning technology to capture images, and building ‘real-fake’ 3D models. As a media art lover, YEUNG is conscious of social media engagement and she investigates online cultural platforms such as TikTok.

Her works have been featured in group exhibitions including Emerging Design Talents, Hong Kong (2018); Printmaking Student Works Showcase at Georgia College, the United States (2019); Pathfinder at Kunstquartier Bethanien, Germany (2020) ; The Ghosts in Walls at ITALIC, Germany (2020); Global Campus Studio at Ryerson University, Canada (2021).



Real-real Factory.blend

3D animation, video installation


Duration variable 時長不定, 200 × 47 × 150 cm

歡迎蒞臨Real-real Factory及參加是日公眾活動。現請閣下跟隨我們參觀本工廠的生產線,最後階段請品嘗我們的製成品。


On behalf of the entire Real-real Factory, I would like to take this opportunity to invite you to join our event today. We offer a public tour to visit our production line. Don’t forget to stop and taste the finished product!

Hope you will enjoy your time with us!