YIP Hiu Man


YIP Hiu Man's works mostly explore social issues related to everyday life. Her observations pay particular attention to emotional changes in human experiences, which she regards as the essence of living and the major source of her inspiration. Hiu Man continuously explores new media and approaches which she integrates into her practice to have broader possibilities to express her desired outcomes.

葉曉敏的作品主要探討與日常生活相關的社會問題。 她特別關注和觀察人類經歷中的情感變化,她認為這是生活的本質,並成為了她靈感的主要來源。  她不斷探索新媒體和新方法,將其融入自己的實踐中,讓自己表達的方式中呈現最大的可能性。

Self Portrait


Mirror, headset, recorder, wooden chair


120 × 120 cm


By the eyes of others and the thoughts in my mind, who is the real me?