YIP Wai Wai


Shirley YIP's works deal with ecology and society. She likes to blend different media to create new visual and material effects, such as using plants and plastic. Although the materials and manufacturing processes of her works differ, all of them are connected to the same theme. Most of her inspiration comes from daily life. She intends to create works that are closely related to our lives. She believes that people should not give art a definition, because art is completely based on the viewer and beholders will have subjective views of her works due to their own experiences and emotions.


Us and Them – Urban Ecology

我們與他們 — 城市生態

Plants, photography


Size variable 尺寸不定


This work reflects on urban ecology. The photographed images of plants look like human body cells magnified by a microscope, humans and vegetal organisms resemble each other and are in a reciprocal relationship. The various potted plants in this work are the proportions of the ethnic groups that populate Hong Kong. As bauhinia, the flower on the flag of Hong Kong, is often cultivated by grafting, this work represents it through paper flowers; jasmine symbolizes Hong Kong people originally from the Philippines and Indonesia; lotus stands for Indians; roses represents the Caucasian inhabitants of Hong Kong; and chrysanthemum represents the Japanese.