YU Tsz Ying


With a keen eye for detail in life, YU Tsz Ying, Yoyo explores the possibility of combining and repairing different local materials with different media. This includes using ceramics to create collections representing the vision of life by her own techniques of metalsmithing and jewellery making.

Inspired by Taoism and science, she questions the state and significance of existence. She attempts to channel her interpretation of existence between reality and fantasy into her works. Her jewellery, as a medium of manifesting faith and ideology, showcases her belief in co-existence and passion for life.




Ambiguous Memories


Patinated brass, branches, gilded silver, rubber, stainless steel pin


Size variable 尺寸不定


Awake in a dream, asleep in the reality, they intertwine, ambiguously. Kapok dispersed, branches reassembled, as the memory recurred. Is it still your memory when illusion blends into reality?