ZHANG Wanying


ZHANG Wanying's artistic practice includes photography, graphic design and video. Through re-arranging and reforming the selected daily fragments, her work mostly discusses time and unconscious behaviour.


Under (above) the eternal sky


Video, book


Size variable 尺寸不定

作品通過兩個部分對天空的邊界、位置及永恆性展開探討。第一部分 《一塊石頭,天空》張琬瀅從海子所寫的小詩《西藏》出發,將自己代入為石頭,以描摹與拍攝的方式來體會天空之下,一顆游走於城市間的石頭的孤獨。通過鏡子直觀地展示渺小的「她」與天空的距離。第二部分 《碎片化天空》她從大海中取了和體內含水量相當分量的水(大約60升),在日常經過的地方創造了倒映著天空的水窪。通過一片很小的、隨著時間流逝而逐漸消失的水面,我們能看到一小塊天空以及行人、汽車、建築。

Divided into two parts, the work discusses the boundary, position and the eternality of sky.

Part I  A Stone, the sky
Based on Haizi’s poem Tibet, ZHANG considers herself as a small stone. By tracing and photography, she experienced the loneliness of a stone in the city. The distance between the tiny "her" and the sky is displayed directly by the mirror.

Part II Fragmental sky
She carried about 60 litres of water (almost the same as the water in her body) from the sea and created puddles at places she always goes by. Through these puddles, which are disappearing as time passes, we can see a small piece of sky, pedestrians, cars and buildings.